wedding photographerExtreme wedding photog shoots true love in the great outdoors

I would say get ready for an adventure. Shes fearless, she has an awesome eye. She goes beyond everything to get the perfect photo, said Issac Gautschi.

Trust her, added Brittany Brenske showing off the dirty hem of the wedding dress.

When it comes to photography, Im just like fearless. Ill do anything for the good photo. I love that exhilaration I feel after afterwards. Butler said.

Ive said it for years to all my brides if your dress is not dirty at the end of the day, you didnt have enough fun. Ive always said that, I totally believe that.

A wedding photography session with Kim Butler can be anything from a mountain climb…to a walk in the woods. She tells her photo subjects the same thing

The couple posed for their photo at the base of the lls getting there involved wading through a creek, and everyone was soaked by the end of the session.

She depicts marriage as the epic adventure it is.

Plus, natural light is the most gorgeous on anybody, adds the photographer.

From mountain peaks to ocean beaches, this Olympic Peninsula wedding photographer walks on the wild side for her brides and grooms.

And the wedding photos on a whole other level.

To Kim Butler, thats a surefire sign the photo session was a good one

She used to shoot in traditional locations. Typical churches and all that stuff, and realized you know why should we always put love in that one little box? Church is wonderful and everything but theres so much beauty out in this world that I want to get people out into.

Extreme wedding photog shoots true love in the great outdoors

Since Butlers home is on the Olympic Peninsula, she does a lot of sessions there. When we caught up to Butler she was shooting a couple along the Marymere Falls trail in Olympic National Park. The trio one of them wearing a wedding dress hiked three quarters of a mile down a muddy trail, to the foot watell.

I basically say you should probably have some kind of hiking boots, and you should expect to get either wet, cold or dirty, said Butler.

Now she does wedding photos anywhere her intrepid subjects lead her a Pacific beach, a peak in Yosemite, a snowfield in the Olympic Mountains.