Use designer hooks and hangers at the home

You may be eager to transform the way how the interior of your home looks, without compromising on the functionality aspect. If so, then you can make use of creatively designed black robe hook that can transform the hangers into amazing interior design pieces. It is necessary to understand that different rooms in the home are meant for different purposes and hence, the hooks are to be selected accordingly. This will ensure cohesive appearance which will be both practical and eye-catching.

Black Robe Hook

Coat stand combinations for the living room

Hangers can be made stylish alternatives to the traditional coat stand kept in the living room, by using creative designer hooks like the Black Robe Hook. This accessory will help the guests to hang their coats properly along with other outerwear. The coat stand is rather the very first thing which the guests generally come across at the home. Therefore, such showpieces will be able to create that wonderful impression upon the guests.

Black Robe Hook

Few combinations which can create the right impression on visitors

  • Metal hangers and velvet flocked hooks: Besides using robe hook, one can try out this particular combination to get that classic look. It is just perfect for the home owner who is eager to try out something that is eye catchy and trendy. Velvet flocking provides opulent texture to what seems to be a boring, simple fixture.
  • 8 bit hooks having acrylic hangers: With geeky chic becoming all the more popular with the new generation, this particular unconventional combination can be stated to be a wonderful statement piece. As the 8bit features bright colors and blocky pixels in glossy plastic, they can pair well with black acrylic for balancing their eye catchy designs.
  • Bathroom rack combinations: For bathroom racks, one can pair the right hooks with hangers. It is considered to be a fabulous way to display garments and bath robes for guests and not have to worry about wrinkles and folds. These combinations do create charming pieces, which in turn help the bathrooms to stand out. When compared to using combinations in the living room, the ones that are meant for the bathroom can be kept creative and simple.
  • Acrylic hangers and lighting fixtures: As inspired from the work of Daniele Trebbi, a well known interior designer and architect, one can use light bulbs as well as other lighting fixtures as captivating hooks. To get the correct design, a light bulb is to be installed on the wall of the bathroom and have it covered using non-flammable and form fitting casing. If this hook type is to be used, then acrylic hangers are likely to be amazing selection.
  • Wood hangers and ribbon shaped hooks: This is considered to be an unconventional hook that is ribbon shaped and perfect to be used in the guest bathroom to enhance its beauty and style. It has a quirky shape and its simplicity does make it an amazing standout piece.

Having the right combination of hangers and hooks does allow more function to the home space.