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Dresden DestroyedThe MilkmanAmerican Soldier Drinking From A CanteenVJday Times Square KissDday soldier in the waterChurchill and the Tommy GunWe Can Do It!Bloody SaturdayThe Churchill PortraitWait for me, DaddySt Paul Cathedral SurvivesFat Man explodesUSS Arizona StruckGreatest Generation Dday LandingRaising The Flag On Iwo JimaFlag on the Reichstag

هيئة المهندسين التجمعيين corps des ingenieurs du parti du RNI

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October th marked the nd day of straight bombing raids against the United Kingdom. The nighttime raid of October th raid infamously struck the iconicSt Pauls Cathedralbut luckily the bomb did not detonate. Photographers stationed in London were amazed at the total destruction wrought by German bombers yet their pictures were routinely blocked by the s who were anxious not to cause a panic. Fred Morley wanting to get some sort of record of the devastation out to the world thought of a situation that the s would approve. He first found a backdrop of firefighters struggling to contain a fire then he borrowed a milkmans outfit and a craft of bottles.  He then got his assistant to pose among the ruins of a city street while the firefighters fought in the . The photo pushed forward the idea of the stoic British continuing on with their normal lives.  The s felt the same way and it was published the very next day.

Fred Morley on the right takes on Aussie, the boxing kangaroo in Londons Trafalgar Square

A man carries the milk over rubble while firefighters battle the aftermath of the nd straight night of bombing

During the opening years of World War II Britain was all that was left against Hitlers military Juggernaut. France had already surrendered and continental Europe was under Germanys control. Hitler, through a massive bombing campaign, hoped to either knock the UK out of the war or destroy its air force in preparation for invasion.  The bombing campaign starting in , until Hitler withdrew his planes in preparation for the invasion of the USSR in , was nicknamed the Blitz by the British and was an almost daily aerial bombardment of the United Kingdom. Many iconic photos emerged from theBlitz and the Battle of Britain.  The most famous was captured during the December , , raid when a Daily Mail reportersnapped what at the time was called the Wars greatest picture.While this was the most famous, one of the more memorable photos was this Milkman Photo taken by Fred Morley on October , , and then published the next day on October , .

Guerre des s juin « War is hell » Les germes de la dfaite psychologique et politique du Tt et les brches vietnamiennes dans le concept amricain de « guerre juste ». Vinago

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Morley first joined Fox Photos company in January and in Fox Photos directors Dick Fox and Reg Salmon marked his silver jubilee with a special wristwatch for years service with the company. Fred Morley in addition to being a celebrated photo journalist, toured the world capturing beautiful day to day life wherever he went.

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