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When I see a couple of interest I will begin to negotiate. Ifm sure that many people initially think of my proposal as unusual or even look through me like I am completely invisible, but I always push forward with my challenge to them. The models appear from all walks of life and inidually have included musicians, dancers, strippers, laborers, restaurant and bar managers, photographers, businessmen and women, unsettled and unemployed, et al. As a couple, I have photographed a wide variety of variables which include being young and old, from the same or opposite , of different race, having different s, girls from the north and men from the south and many others who have been willing to participate. There have been occasions when the situation has become complicated, for example if a couple have disagreements, begin to argue or even fight! There are also the inevile noshows and the couples who split up before I can complete the s. On one assignment I had to visit a prison later to obtain permission for the final print. Happily though, for the most part Ifve had many joyful moments with many interesting scenes to capture. There was even a couple who married soon after one event, and it all began in a bathtub!h

Born, educated and currently residing in Tokyo.

During the photo session I often prompt the couple to pose as if theyfre in a sticker photo booth, an extension of the regular passport which cause friends to pose in many alternative and fun ways. The focal point of the concept was then extended for the publication Couple Jam to include the use of the models bathtub, usually in their own home. I think of the bathroom as being one of the most private and intimate place in anyonefs home, this provoked a shyness in the models, and created a unique excitement and inspiration in the scene. In my most recent project I have applied the use of the vacuum sealed package, used to store futon covers in everyday life, I found that the couple can be sealed in, with the appearance of being freshly wrapped I have called this event Fresh Love.h

Pinky Killer Couple Tomorrow, Golden Town, Shinjuku, Tokyo

gLiving through my university days I was starving for encounters with different people from other cultures around the world. As soon as I had the opportunity I left Japan and began my travels with a special focus on the Middle East and India. It was here that I first became aware of my passion for photography. The camera became the key to overcoming shyness and limited local language abilities and I could in some way communicate with the people I met.

Through the medium of photography, the couple has become Photographer Halfs chosen vehicle to express the principle theme of world love, this will of course require a search to find subjects who are willing to participate. gI go to Kabukicho in Shinjuku, underground bars in Shibuya and many other places which are full of activity like luscious night time beehives.

Pinky Killer Golden Nagune, Golden Town, Shinjuku, Tokyo

After graduating from university I joined an advertising production company in Tokyo and this enabled me to acquire a much wider set of photographic skills. The assignments were varied and unique including celebrities and eslished shion icons. It was the crucible of my technical ability and the focus in my work soon became the people.

gIn my early explorations I used to capture the models in a small room or enclosed space, these s can be seen in the photo books called Pinky Killer, and Pinky Killer DX.

KODOJIKONICHIWA Rencontres dfArles, France

Photographer Hal brings complete strangers to his confined, crucible like spaces only to convey his continuing theme of elove of the couplef. The initial title Pinky Killer used a small space or room to capture the willing couples, soon followed by the title Couple Jam which brought the focus even closer to the subjects who were placed in a bathtub together. gI am currently seeking new dimensions in portrait photography by challenging the majestic theme of mankind, defined through love.h Photographer Halfs latest project is called Fresh Love, which captures the many varied and fresh couples in vacuum sealed package.

Pinky Killer DX Mememachine Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo

It is my desire to have solo exhibits with the title Fresh Love in Paris and Tokyo during this next coming year. With Love.

gThose in power are continually guilty of segregation and discrimination, can we realize peace under such conditions? You who are standing on the earth, no matter where you are, love the person in front of you. From two people to a group, a town to a community, a city to a country, from border to border, the ring of love shall prevail. I have started to create my ring of love in the city of Tokyo, believing that some day a world peace without segregation and discrimination will come true.h

Prix de la Photography Px,Paris nd Plize

Bathtubs, couples, love and challenge are strong themes throughout this artistfs work with other key elements including iniduality, , communication and intimacy.

new directions crossing territories at Wall Space Gallery Santa Barbara USA Art of Photography Show San Diego, USA

gI want to capture love as it really is and the bathtub is an ideal vehicle to encapsulate the vivid reality in my s. A grand theme in mankind is Love, and I, Photographer Hal, am challenging the majestic theme!h

It is my desire to henceforth spread the works and name of Photographer Hal globally, with love!

Prix de la Photography Px,Paris rd Plize

Sound of Photography Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo