On the evening of fifa 18 ut coins

On the evening of 30, Beijing city fire fifa 18 ut coins union belonged to the relevant departments and the zoo there are significant fire hazards on the Beijing clothing wholesale market was shut fifa 18 ut coins. Reporters from the city fire brigade was informed that the supervisors had checked in to the Beijing public zoo clothing wholesale market, found that the unit has the fifa 18 ut coins major fire hazards: one is on the madden mut coins a layer to three set to open the stairs, do not meet the national standard requirements; two is on the north side of one to three fifa 18 ut coins of windows parapet, fire escape and rescue influence; three is the basement of the evacuation aisle warehouse sprinkler system is not set; four is the fire control room fifa 18 ut coinsremotely start the fire hydrant and spray pump, wet alarm valve and pressure switch fault, not the linkage start spray; five is the basement of the warehouse on the north side of fifa 18 ut coins air blower and exhaust fan to start since six is the fire madden mobile coins buy; Alarm system field test can not be linked, fire emergency broadcast fault, ground floor fire fifa 18 ut coins not action.