Kendall Jenners Comfamous photographerpany Sued Over Famous Tupac Photo

Famed photogAl Pereirahas filed a new lawsuit against Kendall Jenner, Inc., claiming she had no right to take the he shot of the rap legends and slap it on a shirt with her face superimposed.

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Kendall Jenners company is being sued over something thats been dogging her for months now … the use of some iconic rap legends to hawk her shirts … and this time its aboutTupacBiggieandRedman.

Kendall has taken the shirts offline, but thats clearly not good enough for some of the photogs.

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Kendall Jenners Company Sued Over Famous Tupac Photo

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Kendall has been under the fire for the tshirts. She has already beensued by another photog who took a pic of Tupac, andBiggies Estatealso threatened suit if she didnt back down.

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