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These two.well they are two of my most vorites.  This whole wedding process has been bulous with them.  Jill had some curve balls thrown at her the week of her wedding, but that didnt stop her.  She never quit smiling.  Shes such an amazing person and Im so glad they chose me to photograph their wedding day!  I have many many vorites from the day, but I did have to narrow it down a little

These two make my heart swim with happiness. Swim with happiness? Swim in happiness?  MehThese two just MAKE ME HAPPY!!

Every now and then I have a client that just really touches my heart!  Ashley has done that for me.  She has reminded me of the love I have for photography.  How important it is to me and also how important it is to my CLIENTS!  Ashley is no longer just a client for me.  She is a friend that I know I will have in my life for a very long time!  I cant wait to watch her and Chris grow old together and have babies. They are a special couple to me and I will cherish my friendship with them!  Thank you Ashley for being amazing, for trusting me with your special day!

Just a couple pretty people that I had the pleasure of photographing!  My job is so dang easy  They were naturals in front of my camera.  Their wedding is coming up quickly in June!  Cant wait!

So very excited to have been a part of this wedding! I feel like I came away from this day with so many new friends.  Everyone was so welcoming to me and Jessi.  We had a BLAST. Thank you Erica and Allen for EVERYTHING.  For being amazing and awesome and wonderful.  Youre not getting rid of me anytime soon.  I hope you enjoy reliving your wedding day through these sneak peeks!

How beautiful is Skylar!   Even if she didnt think so, she was a NATURAL in front of my camera.  Little to no direction.  I love every photo we captured yesterday!  Heres some of my vs